frequently asked questions

What is Laser Hair Removal ?

Laser hair removal has become a very popular and widely-used treatment and is a fully developed procedure that can yield long-term permanent hair removal of the face and neck area. It is also very commonly used on the body, especially for the under arm, bikini and leg area. At Skinalicious Aesthetics we are committed to the latest technological innovations in this field and offer a laser/light treatment for any skin type and hair colour. We can offer you safe, effective, well researched, tried and tested treatments at Skinalicious.

How does it work exactly ?

Laser hair removal uses an infra red light to target the germ cell in the hair follicle.

The hair must be present in the follicle for the laser to work, thus no waxing or plucking can be done before the treatment. Unwanted hair can be shaved or cut. The average number of treatments ranges from six - eight sessions at Skinalicious Aesthetics. This is because at any given time, only a fraction of hairs are in the growing phase (anagen cycle). Only anagen hairs can be effectively removed with laser because the resting phase (telogen) hairs do not mature pigment at their follicle bulb which is the target for the light. Thus, one treatment will sometimes only get 30% of the hairs because only those hairs have enough pigment to be destroyed.


In some cases where patients may suffer from hormonal hair growth, or where the patient suffers from a condition that encourages hair growth, more sessions may be required. Facial hair is traditionally very difficult to treat as it is hormone dependent. More treatments are needed to treat facial hair and sessions should be one month apart. The FDA has approved our lasers for permanent hair reduction. Data has shown that about 30-90% of the hair does not grow back after the end of the treatment cycle. Of course, this assumes the appropriate treatment and the correct number of treatments for each individual, all of which can be variable.

We cannot guarantee 100% permanent hair removal, as people do need occasional maintenance or touch-up treatments. White hairs and light hairs are the most difficult to remove. Light hairs may require more treatments and more maintenance, and more modest results should be expected.

Is Laser Hair Removal safe ?

Cryo Sheer Diode Laser offers the most innovative laser hair removal treatment to your clients. The Cryo Sheer Diode Laser is designed to remove unwanted body and facial hair absolutely PAIN FREE! this breakthrough, revolutionary pain-free, hair-free technology has been described as one of the most comfortable hair removal options available as well as the most effective permanent hair removal solution for all skin types.


The reason it is virtually pain-free is because it is an in-motion technology, using a paint brush technique to gradually increase the power, rather than 'zapping' which feels like an elastic band snapping abasing your skin. In-motion technology is the most recent and most preferred laser treatment today.

Who is Laser Hair Removal for ?

Pain-Free laser hair removal at Skinalicious is for everyone. Because we use revolutionary technology and treatment techniques, our treatments are safe for all skin types including asian, ethnic and tanned. Conventional type lasers would not be suitable for darker skin types and one would not be able to have treatments in summer as sun exposure would result in pigmentation.
Laser hair removal works with the pigmentation in one’s hair. Therefore the darker, the thicker and course the hair, the better the result. White, grey, very blond, light ginger or vellus hair has very little to no pigmentation and therefore cannot be treated by any laser or light therapy. Darker ginger and blonde hair types can be treated but one may require more sessions.