Who is Skinalicious Aesthetics

Skinalicious Aesthetics prides itself in using the latest technologies available to ensure our clients receive premium and skilful results during their treatment package. Our laser therapist is experienced and qualified to perform laser treatments such as Laser Hair Removal, laser treatments for Pigmentation and Acne and skin resurfacing.

We aim to create the perfect desirable results that stand the test of time and truly reflect in your skin as soon as you leave our salon. We are here to give you the perfect skin and leave you feeling smooth, soft and beautiful.

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Client  Cleanliness is super important



We take massive precaution when it comes to client safety and hygiene.

We make use of UV light to disinfect all our equipment, as well as using disposable products for each client.

In keeping with the normal hygiene and cleanliness standards of clinics and salons, we have also taken to ensuring we follow the Covid-19 protection standards as laid out by the WHO and our South African guidelines. This simply includes the fact that we will promote the safe use of frequent and thorough cleaning of hands and any surface/equipment used by more than one person or client. We make use of alcohol-based sanitizers for anyone entering our premises. Not only are we doing this due to Covid-19 regulation, but also for the general hygiene of our clinic. 

We are committed to maintaining the minimum 1 metre social distancing rule between all staff and customers. This is obviously not followed during your private consultation and session at Skin Innovation. During your consultation or session any and all staff present will take strict and stringent measures to ensure contact is minimal, and will do so through the use of face masks, face shields, gloves, alcohol-based sanitiser, etc. 

Anyone entering our premises will also be requested to have their temperature tested so that we can ensure the safety of our staff and clientele. 

Due to the rule of minimal or no touching of the eye, nose and mouth area, we will strive to ensure this is maintained by our staff, and any/all surfaces will be thoroughly disinfected via the extreme use of UV light to ensure the highest possible standard of hygiene and lack of spreading the virus. We are, however, aware that our treatments require the use of contact. This is why our staff are fully committed to extreme contamination of themselves, in order to keep any and all contact between customer and themselves completely clinical and there will be no physical skin to skin contact between our staff or customer.